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Phlowducator: Is Ghana Not Ready For The Genius of Teephlow?

Phlowducator: Is Ghana Not Ready For The Genius of Teephlow?

Rap music in Ghana is not very appreciated, many of the rap artistes in Ghana who have enjoyed success in the industry have released songs in other genres that are commercial hits which have made the entire country rock to their tunes. On the other hand, the remaining rap artistes who have decided not to produce commercial hits but stay true to the genre they love and feel connection with are left underrated. Should that be the case?
Rapper Lukeman Baidoo, known in the Industry as Teephlow has remained an underrated act even though he has proven times without number that he is a rap juggernaut in the country. With songs such as Warning which features Sarkodie, Riding, and Phlowducation, the rapper exhibits his amazing versatility with his flow and also his incredible wordplay which would only leave you lost for words. But then, what makes Teephlow one of the most underrated rappers of this generation?

Could it be management? I highly doubt that, after Teephlow was introduced to Ghana as a rapper, that was after he placed second in the GhOne rap reality show; The Next Big Thing, he came under the management of Hammer CEO of The Last Two Records, who has engineered the breakthrough of many top rap music acts in the country which include Obrafour, Kwaw Kese, Edem to name a few. All of whom have enjoyed amazing success as rappers under the management of Hammer. Currently Teephlow is signed to Spiderlee Record. Management can go as far as bringing his music to your doorsteps but if you are not ready to hear him, you will turn a deaf ear to his songs.

This leads me to my next question, Is Ghana not ready for the genius of Teephlow? I would say Teephlow is a little bit ahead of his time so far as his music is concerned. His ability he exhibits on his “bars” are alien to the ears of most Ghanaians. Teephlow is a rapper that uses Puns, Metaphors and wordplay a lot in his delivery so in other to appreciate the gifts of such a rapper, you must understand the message he is trying to get across in his lines. A typical example is a line from his song Phlowducation he said “The streets be wanna origin so you no go fit beat us” literally what this line means is that he represents the streets (community or background) where he comes from so nobody can deceive him, but playfully, the rapper intelligently talked about “Origin Bitters”. That is how creative a rapper he is. Early this year, his rap counterpart, Strongman, released a song, Charcoal that threw jabs at him. Ghanaians are anxiously waiting to hear if Teephlow would reply the song with jabs of his own.

Teephlow has released his first EP which he titles Phlowducation which he tends to use to educate Ghanaians of what real rap is and also cement his name among the great rap legends, I hope we all take a keen interest in the young Ghanaian rapper and know what we sometimes neglect is what actually is worth every attention. Get a copy of the EP, Listen to it and I bet you,you would have a different perception about Teephlow. The rapper has also bagged 3 nominations in the VGMA. We wish him all the luck and hope he wins all the awards he has  been nominated for.

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