“Most Ghanaians Are Stupid” – King Of Accra

Ghana is blessed and cursed in ways unimaginable, very hospitable and helpful to outsiders of any origin from which we are known for as a people. I would have imagined we would put the same effort we welcome foreigners into keeping our home clean.

You see if you are bent on hosting people on your turf, the place has to be welcoming and safe for guests. On a wise note I also think one has to keep themselves safe in order for them to want to host people, psychologically it makes no sense to have the urge to host guests without a properly prepared place of abode.

The filth we as a nation produce and nurse is overwhelming, the consequences we have faced as a nation from this filth has not been able to deter most Ghanaians from engaging in practices like, littering, public defecation, dumping refuse into the sea by ships and fishing communities, these practices have caused floods in the Accra city which have drowned many, it has also caused one fuel station in the same city to burn down and claiming many lives.

Through all this the lessons have not been learned which tells me we either have psychological problems or most of us are just plain stupid, I liken the situation to a person inflicting cuts upon himself feeling the pain and the danger but yet remaining ever steadfast in the practice that can end his life.

We as a nation need to wake up and quit being stupid by checking people with these dangerous practices which is generally harming the country, people littering to cause floods are putting others at risk. We can be better, we can be conscious, we can be wise, if it has come to the point where people need to be flogged publicly or placed behind bars to make the country clean then so be it.

Every betterment will require a sacrifice and our sacrifice now is the halt of practices that fill our surroundings with filth. The police who in recent times have soiled their dignity can redeem their pride by ensuring the arrest of people who litter, this is equally a crime like armed robbery and rape, since it causes psychological damage and death. The president must and can set up a task force that used to exist and enforce cleanliness as well as prosecute offenders. Ghana must be better, the Ghana beyond aid can be supported by doing this so in the future we need not borrow money to clean our beloved country.

God bless Ghana God bless Ghanaians

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