3 Healthy Tips To Keep You Clean This Rainy Season.

3 Healthy Tips To Keep You Clean This Rainy Season.

It is the rainy season again, and I want want to share with you 3 tips that would keep you and your loved ones healthy. These tips are being published to keep you safe and healthy during the rainy season.

Personal Hygiene

Clean, germ-free skin will keep you healthy this season. So if you or your children have been exposed to water in puddles, make sure to wash the feet with soap as soon as you return home. Many fungal infections are caused in the toenails and the feet due to bacteria in the water, and clean and dry feet can combat these.

Keep Your Home Clean and Hygienic

Your home can become a breeding ground for infectious germs, so it must be absolutely clean and hygienic. Try disinfecting the surfaces in your house to prevent the spread of germs. Also, take special care to disinfect the food preparation areas and the wet areas such as the bathroom. Try using a disinfectant cleaner.

Be Extra Cautious About Food and Drinks

Drink a lot of water during the season, but only if it is boiled or thoroughly purified to prevent infection from waterborne germs. You may be especially tempted to eat piping hot street food during this season, but it is a good idea to resist. The Rainy Season brings a higher chance of food contamination and a rise in food poisoning cases. Clean your hands with a Hand Santiser before eating out.

Source: Dettol

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