Kobby Kyei’s View: The Disgraceful Act

Kobby Kyei’s View: The Disgraceful Act

I think morality still needs to be inculcated in our generation. Even though the world seems to be lost, we must try our possible best to preserve the little we have left. This job of maintaining the morality becomes your duty when you are found under the spotlight, because there, everyone sees you and many would want to emulate you. It is very unfortunate to see that those who have the opportunity to promote positivity are always the ones who preach negativity and social vices.

We need to critically exam these words

1. Wisdom

2. Knowledge

3. Foolish act

What really motivates people to share on social media. I get that it is your life and your page, but have we really thought about those who watch what we share on the many social media platforms? I am guessing by now everyone has seen Shatta Wale’s video. I’m hurt today by his act, I thought I knew what he is capable of but I lied to myself. How come someone with so much talent, so much influence act in such manner? We can’t allow ourselves to be this careless of our celebrities.

Shatta Wale no doubt is one of the most Talented artistes in Africa and even the world. How I wish his die hard fans would at least feel sorry for the act of their boss, but what hurts me most is they will still defend him because they “love” him.

KobbyKyeiNews will use this opportunity to enlighten the youth on what an artiste must do for his/her fans and why we shouldn’t support everything our act does.

The truth taste bitter but it’s the real pain killer too and paves way for better tomorrow. How I wish shatta fans will carefully digest this act and come together and say how disappointed they are in Shatta Wale.

I love most of his music very much though but that’s not what makes me love an artiste or a person

To be continued…

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