No Masaany, No Successful Show in Tema, You can ask Shatta wale, Stonebwoy and the other artiste them selves to tell you – Masaany

GH Dancehall Messiah, Awards winner and getto youth preacher, also known in the showbiz industry as Masaany in an exclusive interview with Ras General at I TV ( Raster Circle Show ) on 10th April 2019 made it clear to Ghanaians that, without him on Tema stage, there will be no Successful show.

According to The Dancehall Messiah, yes in deed Shatta wale, Stonebwoy, Samini are his seniors in the country but when it come to “TEMA” the fans love him more than any other artiste because he get the energy more than any Ghanaian artiste.

He also added that, even if the show belongs to any of the above names mentioned, without him Masaany on the stage, the show is not a show because the place will automatically go slow but immediately he comes on stage, the comments you will hear from the fans are ” YES THIS IS THE MAN “, THE DANCEHALL MESSIAH ” etc….

Masaany finally added , even the so called big artiste in Ghana fears him and his stage performance so due to that, putting him on their shows becomes problem with fear and panic with their feelings of loosing their fans to Masaany.

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