4 Steps That Can Make Your Music Career Exceptional

The Ghanaian music industry is buzzing with talent. In today’s digital world, anybody can share their music with the world. However, there is so much more to being a professional musician than just creating and playing music. If you want to make it in this music industry, then you have to stand out from the crowd. Successful branding is what can make an artist or a musician stand out from the competition.

But what is branding? Branding is the art of making something identifiable and easily recognisable. Think of this: which musician uses the phrase “special delivery”? What comes to mind? Ghanaian rapper Edem, right? Good!

Practice the following steps and make your career exceptional:

  •   Don’t fake it, be yourself

You need to accept yourself, and then be yourself in everything that you do. Whether it’s your music, video, your stage performance, or on social media, don’t ever try to put on a character and be someone else, because no matter how good you think you may be at it, people will be able to tell. So be you.

  • Be creative and do your music differently

No matter where you are or what kind of music you are playing, the chances are there are a lot of other artists trying to make it who are similar. That’s the truth. You should focus a lot of your energy on being yourself and creating the best music you can. Again, apart from those things, what makes you stand out? What would make you instantly recognisable, even if someone couldn’t see your face? Is it your dress, slogan, hair style, shoe, logo, etc?

  • Put the time in to seek publicity

Thus, if you want your brand to stand out, you need to put the work in. Spend some time hunting for music journalists, bloggers, and music promoters. Again, list all relevant contact information you find, so you have a network or a team to reach out to when you are ready to start seeking reviews and interviews with regards to your music.

  • Engagement with fans is very important

You make music because you love it. Your fans listen to your music because they love it. Spend some time every day interacting with your fan base. For instance, comment on your Facebook videos, startup conversations with fans on Twitter with phrases like “you are real”, “you be dope”, “you are awesome”, etc. Your fans want to see that.

In conclusion, as an artist, having a brand is a thoughtful way to connect with your music and your audience, and a major step in taking your career to a new level. 

  • Joseph Amino
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