A Mad Culture Ep 5: Quamina MP Talks Collaborating With Sarkodie & The Loss of His Dad

By: Raven Kuewor



While behind the bar and making a cocktail (a concoction of his own) for himself and Kojo Manuel, Quamina MP takes us through never-before-discussed topics about his life, catapulting into the universe of mainstream amapiano, his upcoming album, and more.


Choco with Kelvyn Boy; I’ve said this a million times. It’s one of my favorite songs, but I feel like it didn’t quite hit the spot for people. Does it hurt when you make a song that’s really good, but it doesn’t become as big as it’s supposed to be?


Quamina MP: Yo that song is very good, it’s a really good song. Even before we released that song, we all felt like the song was hard. Cause’ if you hear the song, if you listen to it, you’ll know that it’s a good song. But I wouldn’t say it hurts. That’s how it is. I mean, you can’t force it. You do your best and expect it to get big but if it doesn’t, you don’t have to blame anybody.


I realized you did production for “Kenkey Seller,” which is mad. Right now you’re like a bonafide producer.


Quamina MP: Right now I don’t really produce much. I used to do more of the production. I would produce the beat and I would get the vibe, but these days I don’t do that much production. But even with that, my upcoming album has about six or seven songs produced by me. 


So you’re confirming that the album is coming?


Quamina MP: The truth is, it was supposed to come out this month, but there is more work that needs to go into it. Sometimes it’s a case of “I feel like I should have this song, or take the other one out.” We keep going back and forth. Sometimes too it’s like “I love this song, can you put it on the album?” When it comes to the features too, sometimes you can wait for the feature and it doesn’t come through. 


How much would you say losing your dad has changed you?


Quamina MP: I still haven’t figured out some things, you know? I feel it doesn’t really go away. I try to be very strong. I know that I’m a very strong boy. I feel like it’s done a lot, because I feel like my energy these days compared to my energy from before is not the same. I didn’t realize until I met people who were telling me things like “your energy is down, I see that you’re slow.” “Sometimes you look worried.” Things like that. That was when I realized that it was showing, and that I was really thinking about my dad, about what happened. One thing that inspires me is, even though he is not alive, he would still want me to keep pushing.


When I realized that you had a song with Sarkodie, I thought to myself, that’s a dream for a lot of people. How did it happen?


Quamina MP: Those days, I used to listen to Obidi, and I loved him. I dreamt lots of times that one day this music thing would make sense. Those days, I would even wish just to meet him. God being so good, my song grew big. Big shout outs to Angel Town, Sarkodie’s manager. Angel Town was one of the people who helped make “Wiase Y3 D3” a big one. Even before the song came out, Angel was playing it in his car, and putting it on his snaps. People would send me stuff saying Sarkodie’s Manager has posted my song, so I should go check. 



Were you in the studio with him (Sarkodie) or he sent a verse?


Quamina MP: I actually sent the song to Angel and I told him that I’d like to have Sark on it. So when I got Obidi’s verse, I said “herh, dreams do come true.” So wherever you are, wherever you’re from, you can make it. For real



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