Black American Tour Operator Rashad McCrorey has been crowned Ghana’s first ever Chief of Tourism (Nserahwehen).

Black American Tour Operator Rashad McCrorey has been crowned Ghana’s first ever Chief of Tourism (Nserahwehen). The royal ceremony was held 23rd of April, 2022 in Iture a subtown of Elmina, located in Ghana’s Central Region. McCrorey has been given the stool name
“Nana Kofi Kukudurfo I”.
Kobena Alex Afful, a member of the Iture Royal family who bestowed the name Kukudurfo to McCrorey shared the story behind the choosen of his name. “When (McCrorey) first join our family in 2020, while thinking of a name for his naming ceremony, the family said this man was in a 3rd world country when the coronavirus pandemic broke out all over the world, instead of him returning back to his first world country for safety he decided to stay here in Ghana with us, wow, that’s brave, hence the name Kukudurfo”.

McCrorey now Nana Kofi Kukudurfo I is the first ever Chief of Tourism (Nserahwehen) in all of Ghana. Kukudurfo I vows to not only keep his promise to the people of Iture, but also made a vow to the Omanhen of Elmina/Edina, Nana Edina Kojo VI. McCrorey vowed he will assist in the growth and development of the town for the weeks, months and years to come and not abandoned the country like many foreigners have done in the past after receiving recognition.
Nana Edina Kojo VI shared with the crowd that Kukudurfo is now apart of the Traditional Edina Counsel, he will see that McCrorey (Kukudurfo I) name be gazeeted, sent to the National House of Chief, and will do his best to fast track his McCrorey’s citizenship status in Ghana.

Elmina is known as an ancient and historic location and a must visit tourist attraction for diasporans. Elmina is home to the Elmina Slave Castle and the Door of No Return. This locations is known to be where many members of the African Diaspora believe their ancestors took their last steps on the African continent before being sent off to the Americas as slaves. The Door of know return is the theme behind the Year of Return campaign in 2019. The subtown of Iture is located less than 2 kilometres from Elmina Slave Castle, and is the first sub town of Elmina coming from the Accra – Takoradi Road.

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