Caroline of SACEM Breaks Down Mechanisms That Monitors Revenue Of Musicians In France


In Ghana most musicians survive on music concerts, that is they get money only when they are booked to perform, aside the little income that may come from YouTube and other online monetization hosts. The problem in the Ghanaian music industry has got to do with how musicians can benefit from the contents they are creating for public consumption.

Taking a walk-through pub, restaurants, radio stations and other social centers we hear music but unfortunately, there has been a large boundary between these artistes making revenue from their music being used.

Kobby Kyei News in quest to get solutions to curb this menace in the Ghanaian music Industry at the ongoing Journalists/Bloggers conference in France, pulled out Ghana’s situation as a case study to be addressed.

According to Caronline Champarnaud, the Executive Director International of SACEM, (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music), they have laid down mechanisms that aids the system in France and speaks for musicians. She said;


“First of all, all users have to provide usage report programmes, that is reports from radio stations, etc. We have to believe them in the first place then we can control. So we work with a company in France that monitors a lot of TV stations and radio stations, and we have access to ten years of archives. There is a dedicated committee within SACEM, programme committee that random checks the programmes that are reported by the TV and Radio stations. They take a programme and go to that service and check whether what they said is true, so that we can build trusts on the reports we get from the radio station.”

She further added that, they have planted some devices in several clubs especially, that helps to record the songs they play in order to help them with their checks.

She said;

“We have recording devices in the corners of the various clubs. We have enhanced the control in electronic music clubs. We get massive reports of the songs they play. We have these devices in several clubs so we can check”.


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