‘Cells in Color’ 2018 Competition winners announced

The Leukaemia Project Foundation (LPF) is excited to announce the winners of its maiden national Art and Photography Competition, ‘Cells in Colour’. The first prize winners in the various categories were Edward-mari Osei Boakye of The Roman Ridge School – Students Category (6-12yrs); Sandra Ayi Kaikor of Eagle Academy – Student Category (13-19yrs); Nubuke Eli Dzaitor of International School of Ahafo – Live Art Category (9-13yrs); and Mubarak Mohamed of Accra – Live Art Amateurs. Others included Zane Yankah of The Roman Ridge School, winner in the Amateur Photography Category; Terry Kofi Asiedu of Accra, winner in the Professional Photography Category and Negyem Adonoo winner of the Professional Artists Category.

The maiden ‘Cells in Colour’ Art and Photography competition under the theme ‘Hope Beats Fear’ forms part of LPF’s continuous efforts to raise awareness and provide support for persons, particularly children, diagnosed with leukaemia and other blood related cancers, whilst raising financial support and partnership to construct a bone marrow transplant clinic in Ghana.

The winners were presented with their awards in a ceremony at a ‘Cells in Colour’ exhibition of all the entries, held at Labadi Beach Hotel. The awards were

presented by founders and executives of the Foundation including Mansa Nettey, MD of Standard Chartered Bank, Peter Osei Tutu- Vice President of LPF, Nana Hemaa Konadu, Dr Yonne Dei-Adomako and Madam Carlian Biezui. The prizes included tablets, laptops, televisions, mobile phones, cameras and accessories, art books, paint and art and painting equipment.

The competition which was launched in December 2018, received 200 entries from schools, groups and individuals across Ghana. Entries to the competition were officially closed in May 2019, through an interactive live art session led by painter and emerging Graffiti artist Mj. Ski Scraper at the Accra Mall. The entries were judged and prepared for the awards ceremony by a team of reputable judges led by renowned artist Amarkine Amartey.

The themes raised by the stunning artworks on display were further explored in a lively open discussion on leukaemia and other blood cancers and disorders led by Dr. Yvonne Dei Adomakoh, Head of Haematology Dept, Korle Bu led a. She concluded the discussion by saying that “People should understand that being diagnosed with leukaemia is not a “death sentence,” And that the more we all learn and know about the condition, the earlier we become aware of it, the better we can deal with the condition, eliminating fear and bringing a lot of hope to patients” hence the theme of the competition ‘Hope Beats Fear’.

The special guest of honour, Mr Yaw Safori of House of Safori, presented three of his charcoal drawings worth GHC75,000 to the LPF in support its fundraising drive for a bone marrow transplant clinic. In launching the 2019 ‘Cells in Colour’ Art and Photography competition, Mr Safori made a personal commitment and said “Seeing that the LPF’s Cells in Colour Art and Photography Competition and Exhibition was an opportunity for the young artist and professionals to express their thoughts and feelings about leukaemia through creative artworks and lend support and hope to patients. I commit and would ensure that this year’s competition becomes bigger and creates the needed attention and awareness of the plight of leukaemia patients”. Mr Safori continued, “It is not about us it is about those who need us”. He took the opportunity to advise and encourage

people to give, even their widow’s might to those who are in need, as the LPF team and volunteers are doing through art.

Gerard Boakye, president of LPF, in his address, thanked the participants and all the schools especially The Roman Ridge School, Accra Girls SHS and Martin De Pores for ensuring a hundred percent submission of registered participants. He also applauded and commended the participation of some individuals, corporate and private business entities namely Stanbic Bank Ghana, IPMC, MPH, Labadi Beach Hotel, Think kra8tive Media, Tilly’s Farm Ltd and the Edward Osei Boakye Trust Fund.

Speaking after the awards, Mr Boayke commented “The maiden ‘Cells in Colour’ competition has not only proven beyond all doubt to be a good catalyst for promoting the awareness and discourse on leukaemia. We’re also expecting to raise funds by auctioning donated artworks, for the establishment of a support facility for leukaemia patients and other blood related cancers. The artworks shall continue to be on exhibition and on auction sale in various hotels, open spaces and studious. And as promised some of the art pieces will be donated to hospitals and clinics managing leukaemia, cancer and chronically ill patients to lift their spirits”.

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