Comedian Waris Sends Patrons into frenzy at Easter Comedy Show 2019.

The days of hearing some media people say Ghanaian comedians are not funny should be behind us now. It is the rise of a new dawn dawn. A new comic wind is blowing and one of those people holding the forth for the comedy industry is Waris Abdul Umaru also known as Comedian Waris.

He is a good definition of stand up comedy, an epitome of laughter and a symbol of professional fooling called comedy. On a night when the stakes were so high and the atmosphere so charged with expectations, Waris rose up to the occasion as one of the best performers at this year’s Easter Comedy Show.

Dressed in his blue and red cardigan with white sneakers like an American first year college student, he welcomed himself unto the stage with Medikal’s “omo ada” hit much to the delight of the audience and there you saw Waris in his joking elements.

From “419” at circle to the amazing lives of GAs through the various poems thought at Ghanaian kindergarten schools to the irrelevant questions we sometimes asks as Ghanaians, the laughter was contagious, uncontrollable and you couldn’t help it as you could see people laughing tears of pandemonium.

It looked a well rehearsed and well scripted performance from the young man and he did his reputation, image and brand a lot of good. Easter Comedy has shown us another comedy gem in Comedian Waris.

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