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Biography Of Comedian Okokobioko [Celebrity Bio]

Biography Of Comedian Okokobioko  [Celebrity Bio]

His is Nana Osei Bonsu, also known as Okokobioko or finest black comedian. He was born and brought up in Lagos state Nigeria to a Ghanaian dad (from eastern region) and a Nigerian mum (Delta state) he discovered his innate ability to make people laugh uncontrollably at a very tender age, and the sense of humor the parents displayed on regular bases gave him the notion that it is something that runs in family.
In 2010 he moved to Ghana to further his education, and completed with a BSc in Information technology at Ghana telecom university college.
​The maiden edition of his annual comedy show “ANOITED TO CAUSE LAUGHTER” which was held on the 7th May 2017 at Holy Hill Chapel A/G stands as the biggest gospel comedy ever held in Ghana by an individual, it recorded about 1,000 in attendance. And also exposed him to the worlds around him that have enjoyed his other abilities aside STANDUP COMEDY, such as EVENT MC, SCRIPT WRITING and ACTING.

In his words, Comedy relates with our everyday life and cannot be restricted thus I am not a Gospel comedian only. As a comedian I believe you should select your jokes according to your audience. So when am performing at gospel event, I make sure I keep it clean.
Comedians are like presenters, but we do ours in a comic way and I don’t think we have gospel presenters and general presenters.

In less than one year in the comedy scene I had four nominations
Most promising comedian of year- Comic Awards Ghana.
Most promising comedy show of the year – Comic awards Ghana.
Best comedian of the year – Holy pop Music Awards.
Most Influential student comedian- UMB Ghana tertiary awards.

Achievements in less than 2 years
30 Wedding receptions including Garden, beach and several hotel settings.
15 Corporate Events including Kempinski Excellence Awards, ATC Ghana Awards/Gala night, DEAIDZ GHANA Awards/Dinner night, Comic awards Ghana.

10 Fashion Shows including JOYPRIMETV made in Ghana Fashion show, Heritage Fashion Show, Miss University Africa Ghana.

Countless Church events including Breakfast meeting at Accra international conference center with over 5000 people present, GHANA YOUTH MINISTRY CAMP METTING at Koforidua, ASSEMBLIES OF GOD YOUTH CAMP@CAPE COAST, GOSPEL REGGEA NIGHT, WINNERS CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL Dramafest.

What I look up to in the next years
Am hoping to take over Ghana as the biggest event MC and standup comedian which am seriously working on. I want to be the first name that will pop into people’s mind when it comes to Event Hosting(Mc), such as weeding reception, corporate functions, award ceremonies and fashion shows cause am the best.
Am also looking at expanding the scope of my comedy show by bringing comedians from other African countries most especially Nigeria to add more spice to it and also to clear all awards concerning comedy in Ghana, whether standup comedy, stage play or comic movies.
And lastly I would want to attain a Masters Degree to change the mentality of some Ghanaians that thinks comedy is for those that couldn’t make it in school. And also to encourage other upcoming coming comedians not just to focus on their talent but also acquire the necessary knowledge.

Challenges facing the Ghana comedy industry
Lack of investments from both comedians and the industry.
I feel Ghana entertainment industry has focused all its attention to music alone, unknown to them that there is serious money in comedy. The media is also not that interested in comedy as much as they are with music, and some comedians fail to invest in their brands. So even with their talent they are unable to go far.
Another issue with the Ghanaian comedy industry is the first impression that the general public have concerning Ghanaian comedians; that they are not funny. I feel that comment was only valid 6 years ago. Try attending any comedy show now and they’ll blow your mind away with their rib cracking and world class jokes.

I also think the reason why comedy is being neglected in Ghana is because most of the comedians do not have managers. Managers help pump in good money into your comedy shows, get good sponsors and create lots of media awareness for you. I believe if comedians in Ghana get good managers, it will enable them Achieve more without stress.
I feel every serious industry should have an association with good governing body to help push the industry to higher heights and also gain recognition in the country. So I would advise all comedians in Ghana to come together and form an associated so as to foster unity, growth and progress.

Social media handles
Insta: officialokokobioko
Twitter: iamokokobioko
Facebook: Comedianokokobioko

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