Creativity Has To Become The Engine Powering Development In All Sectors Of The Country – Dominique Roland


As part of the ongoing journalists and bloggers conference in France, Kobby Kyei News sought advice from the Creative Art Authorities in Ghana, to make great use of the sector to fuel National Development, as it has been an active part of his advocacy.

In an interview with M. Dominique Roland who happens to be the Director of the Arts Centre, Conventional stage of national interest for art and creation, he suggested that, as part of such development strategies, the Ministry in charge of Art and Culture should give out subsidies for the development strategies, as done in France.

He said,

“The Ministry of Culture as part of development at one point and part of urban development decided to give out state subsidies for promoting the creation of movie theatres all over the country. These movie theatres would receive a subsidy to buy the theatre equipment and the money would come from local authorities, as part of the National urban development strategy.”

He further added that creativity should be made the engine to power development in all sectors of the economy.

He said;

“It is important to look at the building blocks of art and culture in Ghana, what are your specifications, what are your strengths, what are you unique for. Then build that into a strategy for arts and culture and technology for development. So, combining that with technologies that have to be developed for the future. You need to develop relevant techniques for the future of the image sector and the sound sector. Actually, creativity has to become the engine powering development of your country in all sectors.”


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