“Do Songs That Can Stay For Over 20 Years” – Ex-Doe Tells Young Musicians

Ghanaian Hiplife musician, Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi, popularly known as Ex-Doe says Ghanaian musicians should learn how to do songs that can stay for over 20 years.

The ‘Daavi Mede Kuku’ album originator who is now back on the Ghanaian music scene in an interview explained that the current young folks in the music industry must learn and aim to be original when it comes to music.

“What I will say is this, they should keep the act going on and should be a bit original”, he said.

“I mean like some of them go too fake…not too fake but inferior. So we should do songs that can stay for over 20 years, over 30 years”.

“We shouldn’t do songs that will stay for just like 6 months then it goes off”, he added.

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