Don’t Depend On Music Alone, Create Other Means Still Using Your Music To Make Money – Trigmatic Advises

Award winning musician, Trigmatic has said that musicians should not depend solely on their music, instead they should use other ways still using their music to make earnings.

According to him, Ghanaian musicians must not always depend on shows in Accra, in a case that if there’s no show or concert in Accra then it means that they are not getting paid.

As an alternative, the rapper who was speaking to radio personality Sammy Baah Flex of Zylofon fm in an interview on Friday January 11, 2019 stated that musicians can organise their own musical concerts in other regions, hotels and if possible outside the country.

“Because the promoters always will look for who is banging currently, you understand but does that mean you have to sit?…Ghana is big oo! So if the market in Accra, you have exhausted it, you can move elsewhere”, he said.

Likewise, Trigmatic, owner of a 40-acre rice farm in Takoradi with two other partners expressed that his fellow musicians can research online and connect with other foreign promoters to get shows, with reference to his show at Freedom Park, Nigeria which was a partnered event in 2017.

“Like me I go online and talk to promoters outside Ghana and my management team helps me to do that”, he added.

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