DON’T LOVE WITHOUT YOUR BRAIN Written by Counselor Adofoli

Common sense is one of the commodities which is not common to some people who claim they are so much in love. Such people allow their feelings to make them forget what is real. They mistaken great sex for true love and are always led by feelings instead of fact. They don’t mind being in a relationship with a wrong partner because of the feeling or excitement they occasionally get from the relationship.

Young people who get into relationship these days allow their emotions to overpower their intelligence. They are not wise enough to know that the partner they are studying for marriage is not yet married to them, and as such must not do what married people do, simply because you are not husband and wife.

Because they put feelings first, they don’t care having sex with someone they are not married to, and when you ask why they did that, the only answer you get is “I love him”. Because wisdom is far from them, they only remember they are not married when they are pregnant.

Lack of intelligence will compel one to take a loan to give to a boy or girlfriend all in the name of ‘I love them’, and think they will end up in marriage one day. Wisdom will at least tell them, they don’t have control over tomorrow and therefore anything can happen.

Feelings will make a married person who is not happy in their marriage, go for a single and find it difficult to let go of this single person. When asked, the answer you get is “I love him or her”. Wisdom will let you know that you are still married and what you are doing is wrong. If you are not happy with your marriage and believe you can’t work things out with your spouse, then get divorced before heading into a new relationship.

The fact that you meet someone you click so much with, or are comfortable with as if you have known them your whole life, does not mean you have found a true love. People can just pretend to be everything you dream of. It is not about how nice they make you feel, but how right the relationship is.

Wisdom will tell you, some dreams will never come to pass. Some are just fever dreams; others are as a result of our thoughts and nothing more. We can all have great conversations with anyone when we decide to open our spirit to them and share everything. That is one thing missing in lots of relationships.

People are afraid to open up their spirit to others in relationships simply because they fear their partner might not like them; for others it’s an issue of their past. One very thing they didn’t know is that a relationship filled with fear has no room for love.

Before you refer to someone as special, make sure you know them very well, that you have the facts right about them. You don’t let your emotion overpower your intelligence.

By so doing, you won’t regret losing sleep for them; you won’t get disappointed for the data you spent chatting and sharing. And when they cross your mind, you only smile and not pains.

When you take time to find out they are right person before you ride on your feelings, you won’t be afraid of losing them. They become special no matter what kind of mood you are in, that is when you are married to the right person you love.

In conclusion “Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe” – Proverbs 2:11 (NLT).

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