Akan And Quamina MP Express Indifferent feelings towards The Year Of Return

The recent episode of StarTalk featured fast rising Ghanaian musicians, Quamina MP and Pure Akan, who told of their indifference about the Year of Return already kicking off.

In a discourse with the host, Kobby Kyei, they expressed their opinions on the nation’s commemorative event indicating that the Year of Return is a good initiative. It has really sparked both networking and collaborative opportunities. Although, they don’t feel extra hyped about it. They regard the year of return as any good opportunity that presents itself…nothing so sublime.

For Quamina MP, he personally indicates that he’s not so entirely worked up about the visitors trooping in. His role wouldn’t exceed what he normally does unless there’s a call for it. He just “dey” (down for whatever).

On the flip side, stepping away from the chilling and investment opportunities that may or would present itself, Akan iterates that the year of return would have a positive impact on Ghanaians afterwards. Stereotypical psyches of the visitors may change when they come to see how peaceful and beautiful the country is.