Benjamin Kontoh Claims Title As Best Fashionista In Ghana

Benjamin Kontoh Claims Title As Best Fashionista In Ghana

Ghanaian Fashionista Benjamin Kontoh has stated that he is the best fashion person in the country at the moment.

According to him, Fashionistas in Ghana do not produce quality fashion clothing.

The CEO of Brush and Saccy Bespoke, a fashion brand based in the United Kingdom and China after his participation in Rythmz on the runway show held on Saturday in Accra, said “the show was closed down after I showcased what I produce.”

“You cannot be the best when you only produce what cannot be worn in other countries. Fashion should be general and accepted by other people”, he said.

The fashionista with over 15-years of experience also added that Ghanaians have accepted fashion long ago and what we need to do now is to improve on the quality of the garment we use and improve finishing.

“Our target market competition must be international and not only here. Our fashion industry must be known in Africa and the world”, he added.

Education on Fashion

Benjamin Kontoh urged government to invest in the industry which makes millions of dollars.

“The sector alone offers millions of jobs. Government must invest and respect the industry”, he said.

He further urged students to develop an interest in fashion which can make them secure and provide better jobs.

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