Get2Know Ghanaian Producer “Shawers Ebiem”

Get2Know Ghanaian Producer “Shawers Ebiem”

This entertainment ( music ) industry we called our own has feel my presence more than a decade.The Brand Shawerz Ebiem in a normal life is know as Godwin Kojo Donkor.

I discovered my talent as rapper during my hi school days by doing copyright songs from our old gees ‘ such us #Obrafour #LordKenya #ReggieRockstone #OkomfoKwade3 & etc ‘ I became my own by pen & paper ‘ when I started writing my own verses.

Bigups to this pacesetter’s for holding it down ‘ for us to trend with it. In a minute I was lost because I can’t hold my happiness when talking about this great legends.

back to mine own story ‘ for chosen music as a career ‘ growing up all what I had wanted to become is a musician. And every musicians could testify to it that ‘ becoming great in the field of music ‘ this 3 component’s needs to be talking seriously.

How good is a Rapper if he/she can’t sing well ‘ How good is a Singer ‘ if the production doesn’t goes well.

We started from the bottom now we here’ because I took all this in to master my crafts very well ‘ I could say with authority ‘ I am one of the fastest rising artists who could also boast of a production abilities.

#Ayoo #DemConfused #ItMyLife & etc by #shattawale are all my handwork.

Someone will say is it only Shattawale you have produced hits songs for ‘ the lists goes on & on ‘ Piesie Super ‘ Donzy ‘ Pope Skinny ‘ Yoggie Doggy ‘ Bigboi ‘ kk Fosu & many more are all living testimony of my kicks.

Let me introduce you to the sector of music I do ‘ to me I don’t have a preference of my abilities in terms of what will come out.when the feeling is right you could find me in all genre’s of sounds.

Let vibe with it ‘ Shawerz Ebiem is the Signature. Let connect on social media
Twitter ; shawersebiemgh
Instagram : shawersebiemgh
Facebook : shawers ebiem
Snapchat : shawers ebiem
/ whatsapp ( 0505802867 ) / vibe with me ‘ your new production by me could be your hit song.

#kkmedia | #wcm is home – Any Management with good intentions are welcome.Thank You.