“Don’t Leave Him, Invest In Him” – PossiGee to TV3

“Don’t Leave Him, Invest In Him” –  PossiGee to TV3

Talented Kids is one of the longest running Tv reality show in the country. The show has shown and  seen amazing talents on display for the kids but what bugs me a lot is all the winners from the past seasons have been missing in action. Which makes me wonder what investments the network broadcasting agency; Media General have made to secure a better future for them.

Samuel Owusu, the winner of the just ended season, showed so much talent in his field of expertise, rap. He had amazing performances throughout the season and was no doubt the crowds favourite. But then what is to become of the little rap genius? Is that all we are going to get from him?

Now we all will atest to the fact that though TV3 are doing enormously well, they haven’t seemed to figure out a way to complete the task they have taken upon themselves.

Why am I saying this? The Nation the great talents of Awal,Tutulapaatu, Emmanuel and many others all winning in their respective seasons but what became of them? They are being left alone to find they own way of making it. That may not be the case, but that is what everyone is seeing.

Sound Engineer, Possi Gee on a Twitter replied a post by TV3. In his post he said “Plz TV3, please don’t leave him to search for his mentor to make it in his career. Invest in him.” This goes a long way to show the concern people have about winners of Talented Kids. The show shouldn’t just unearth the talent, it should also try hard to cement its winners into their respective industries.

PossiGee has done well by saying this and we are all hoping tv3 will work to match the task.