Even If I Wasn’t Paid, I Would Have Still Done Music – Kuami Eugene

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Popular Ghanaian Musician, Kuami Eugene has said he would still do music if he is not paid.

Apparently, most people does what they do just because they make money out of it, so when the returns are not coming, they tend to forget about it, but for Kuami Eugene, he’s just in love with music.

The reigning VGMA Highlife Artiste feels honoured and grateful for the waves and impact he’s making in the country and outside.

Speaking on BTM Africa with NY DJ, Eugene admitted if there’s room to do more of what he’s doing now as a musician, he will always put in effort to do more.

He said;

“If there’s room to do more, I will always do more. I love highlife music and it’s part of me. So letting go will be very difficult.”

Kuami Eugene has been a versatile artiste in Ghana and outside, doing so well with gained recognitions. He believes even if I was not paid for what he does, he would still do it.

He said;

“I love what I do. I’m from that family that takes work serious. Once this is what feeds me, I give in my all and I love what I do. I love music. Even if I wasn’t paid, I would still do it to the max. It’s like doing what you love and they give you money for doing what you love”.

For Kuami Eugene, he’s not doing music because of the returns that comes from it, but he does it just because he loves doing music.

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