I Should Be In A Super Tight Corner To Beg For Support When I Grow Old – Kuami Eugene

It is always sad to see veteran actors and musicians coming out to beg for money and other basic things to support their livelihood. People tend to ask why they beg after glamorous appearances on the screens and in the entertainment lime light.

Has the issue got to do with investment? We can count a lot of celebrities who have been in this situation, and the issue seemingly is not coming to an abrupt end.

Speaking on similar issues on Citi TV with Ghana’s award-winning musician Kuami Eugene, he stated emphatically that, due to what he has made so far and the way he is planning his life, he would never be seen begging for people to support his livelihood.

He said;

“I can’t actually picture myself when I’m old. It’s me. I should be in a super tight corner to come ask for help or anything. I’m young and I’ve been able to make something for myself. Looking at where I’m going and how things are moving, if I can double what I have today, I will probably not need anything till I leave this world. Trust me, you won’t ever see me come asking for anything. It will never happen.”

Kuami Eugene further added more light on how people in this era can make money.

He said;

“We live in a glorious era. Our era is not like what happened 30years ago. We live in an era where you can make money from everything you do. You can make money from shows, appearances, people watching you walking by, just post anything funny on social media and you will make it. That’s why we have a lot of influencers now. Once you can position yourself as an object of adoration, you gain money”.

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