I Want To Be Remembered As A Versatile Artiste – Phaize

He’s just few years in the game, but making massive waves in the Ghanaian Music Industry. According to Phaize, he wants to be recognized and remembered as one of Ghana’s best versatile artiste.

Globally, artistes are usually located in a specific genre of music. It’s quite rare to see artistes doing different discrete genres of music. Many artists choose to focus on either rap or the commercials, but for Kumerican artist Phaize, he wants to be well-versed across all genres of music, and that is what he wants people to always remember him for.

Speaking on the Kobi Show with DJ Kobi recently, Phaize said these;

“We have people who do just dance hall music, hip-hop or rap without singing. It’s rare to see artistes doing rap, dancehall, hip-hop, highlife, that is an all-round artist. So looking around my colleagues and other artists, everyone is doing well, what I want to do to make me different is that, whatever platform you put me on being a hip-hop beat, Adowa beat or whatever, I will perform and perform better on it.”

In the Ghanaian music industry, artists are doing very well in their own unique ways. Most rap artists only focus on their rap, whiles the commercial ones focus on theirs as well. It will be so great to see Phaize in the face of Ghanaian music, doing so well on all genres of music.

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