“It Was Hard Combining School And Music” – King Promise

“It Was Hard Combining School And Music” – King Promise

Popular Ghanaian music singer and songwriter, King Promise, revealed how challenging it was for him to juggle school work and music together and also the kind of support he had from his parents.

During an interview with Kobby Kyei on StarTalk, the ‘Commando’ hit crooner said he found it hard to combine academic work and music while he was schooling. He revealed that he wasn’t much of a multitasker and his parents, after learning of his musical pursuit, did not give him a hard time about it as he initially imagined. The encouragement was to stick to his passion and use that to drive his dream but more so, they cautioned that if he was able to keep up with good academic work from school, they wouldn’t have a problem with his music career.

The support from his parents was a plus to the motivation he had to box on and finally land himself in the grace he’s in now.

Howeve, the issue of juggling school with music or any other artistic pursuit is quite common to a lot of entertainers in the industry today. And surprisingly, most of them turned out great; now being motivators and role models to a lot of young ones out there.

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