Maxi Sway, Alexandra Tell Love Story In ‘Reality’

Maxi Sway, Alexandra Tell Love Story In ‘Reality’

Ghanaian musician, Maxi Sway has shared a story of how he surprisingly met his partner and satisfying a wish he made in one of his earlier songs after several heartbreaks.

Following this, his newfound lover, Alexandra traveled from Germany to meet him for the first time in Ghana and decided to weave the circumstances to compose a song dubbed “Reality”.

“Alexandra a beautiful German woman who travels from her country to meet me, her found love in Ghana, after I have searched for a long time and gone through a lot of heartbreaks from women, as an artist, I expressed the new feeling in Reality,” he said.

The song ‘Reality’ to them is a bond between two beautiful worlds, Germany and Ghana.

Speaking to Beatwaves, he said, “Alexandra, who was featured on the song, traveled to Ghana to find me, her new love, a real definition of reality which she has been dreaming and hoping for. She took the bold and an adventurous journey to Ghana to meet me.”

Maxi Sway said, a lot of online relationships only ended up in money scam, disappointments and heartbreaks, “however, ours has become a reality, and we have put it in a new song.”

‘Reality’, produced by Klasick Beatz is available on all music digital platforms

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