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The music is in A major. The composer used three(3) chords. Chord one(1) A major, chord four(4) D major and chord five (5) E major respectively. The piece can be categorized under popular music. To be specific, African contemporary music, also known as Afro pop. This music can be said to be a slow highlife afro pop.


The form of this piece is A, B, C, B, therefore the piece can be said to be in a through composed form because it almost follows that order. It is just that the chorus is repeated.


The instrumentation of this piece is a nice one. The composer used the ostinato technique and other techniques like rhythmic improvisation, preludes and interludes to brighten the piece. This made the piece a cool and very touching one.
The bass guitar is also did some melodic improvisation which gives a different effect throughout the piece. This is very beautiful and attracts attention. I love that technique used by the composer for the bass guitar especially.


The aesthetics of this piece is a nice one because I always say that with aesthetics, it doesn’t comprise of setting, costume, background and scenes only but also comprise of quality sound and the blending of parts in the music and how the instruments are being handled specially during the performance. So it’s not only a video that determines how beautiful a piece is but also the beauty of a piece is how pleasant it is to the human ear and how audible and nice it is being composed. Although the composer did not use real human beings in the video, the video is still telling what he wants to communicate to his audience. That is a plus. This piece is an
A piece.

Suggestions and recommendations

I always say that music is life, therefore bad music kills softly but good music gives life. Composers should therefore learn to compose good music in order to give the life that is in good music to their listeners.

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