Music Review: Analysis Of Strongman’s “Mokobe” Ft.Wendy Shay

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On Kobby Kyei News music review today, we’re throwing the spotlight on the latest single of Ghanaian rapper, Strongman which features Rufftown Records lead act, Wendy Shay. Song title is “Mokobe.”


The music is in B flat major. The composer used three(3) chords. Chord one (1) B flat major, chord two (2) C minor and chord three (3) D minor respectively.


The form of this music is rap with chorus. This is repeated severally. Therefore the form can be said to be a call and response. The rap can be treated as a call and the chorus a response.


The instrumentation of this piece is not bad. There is rhythmic improvisation as well as instrumental ostinato. Meaning some instruments maintained the same progression from the beginning of the music to the end. Example is the keyboard and the bass guitar.


The aesthetics of this music is a thing of beauty. The costume and settings and backgrounds make the music touching. The use of body language and actions depict beauty as far as aesthetics is concern.

Suggestions and recommendations

Music is an art and it must be treated as such. The use of body language to portray an idea is key as far as music is concerned. Such idea communication is very important and musicians must try to replicate them in their performances.

Music analysis by Blogger, Kobby Kyei

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