Naa Ashorkor, NutriDay Spend Mother’s Day at 37 Military Hospital’s Nkrumah Pediatric Ward

Spreading a streak of sunshine on the faces of Mothers is very beautiful. And on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, it is even more paramount.

Mother’s Day is a day devoted to appreciating mothers, showing them how much they are loved and inspiring them not to rest on their oars but strive to achieve more laurels in their motherhood.

Naa Ashorkor, a celebrated media icon, was spotted spreading some of such love and care on Mother’s Day to mothers at the Nkrumah Pediatric Ward of the 37 Military Hospital with the newly launched NutriDay yoghurt.

NutriDay is Ghana’s innovative fortified yoghurt developed by FanMilk Limited to meet the growing demand for healthy nutrition that supports the immune system.

Apart from Zinc, NutriDay contains Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin which is crucial for energy, Vitamin A which contributes to good eyesight, and Calcium, which is essential for healthy muscles and strong bones.

In the end, Naa Ashorkor showered these mothers with the new NutriDay Yoghurt to support their family’s immune system. She also made a stopover at Christ The King Soup Kitchen where she put smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries in that community by giving them packs of NutriDay.

Like Naa Ashorkor, NutriDay wants to see families Strong Every day.


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