Parenting Is Not A Joke – Yvonne Nelson Talks About The Challenges In Child Bearing

Ghanaian award winning and celebrated actress, Yvonne Nelson holds the view that parenting is not a joking thing.

According to her, it feels good and fulfilling to be a mother.

Speaking in an interview with finest blogger, Kobby Kyei on ‘Artist Vibe Africa’ on YouTube based Channel, Fusion Xtra, she admitted that having a daughter has changed her.

According to Yvonne Nelson, she has changed as she now knows that she is responsible for her daughter’s life.

“Everything has changed. Even my friends have noticed that everything has changed. You now know you are responsible for someone’s life. She has nobody except her parents. You wanna take care of yourself, you wanna live longer. You wanna see her grow, you wanna see her kids as well so it changes a lot. You wanna make enough money to secure her future and it goes on. It never endsand make enough money to secure her future” She said.

Full interview

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