Phaize Divulges Upcoming EP And Challenges That Disturbs Upcoming Artistes

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Emmanuel Amoah Donkor from Kumasi, describes himself as mainly a hip-hop artist and currently the reigning hip-hop artist for Ashanti Region

The young Kumerican has been featured in hit songs like Ahodwo-Las Vegas by Shatta Wale, Oseikrom Gang by Flowking Stone and Kumerica by ZionFelix.

For him, he believes Kumerica got it for a long time but they couldn’t get that attention from Ghanaians.

He said in a recent interview;

“As at last year, it was the Covid time and everyone was silent so we came up with that idea to pour our music regularly to get their attention and finally we are here.”

According to Phaize, he was inspired to do music through his senior brother, who was into world music icons.

He said;

“I fell in love with music with music through way my elder brother. He used to listen to music a lot, the likes of Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Sarkodie, T-Pain, so I started writing on my own. I used to listen to Sarkodie the most, but I decided to do things on my own. I use to do it for my boy, so just last year that I had my management.”

Phaize has future plans to collaborate with international artistes. He put Ghanaians in anticipation mode for his upcoming EP, featuring some stunning artistes in Ghana.

He admitted;

“It has always been my dream to collaborate with artistes in the U.K, U.S and maybe from South Africa.
Music is his full-time job. It’s really paying. I have an EP coming and, on this EP, I have Flowing Stone on it, Shatta Wale, Kweku Flick and I’m thinking of putting some other artistes on it too.”

The young hitmaker divulged how disturbing upcoming artistes go through when trying to make waves in the music industry.

He said;

“As an up and coming artiste, you don’t really get enough money from the music, because everyone will want the streams for free, like free downloads and others. I have been there before and so I’m speaking generally. You will go to the studio, shoot a video and at the end of the day you get nothing from it, it is really disturbing. Now I don’t put out my music for free. I put them on apple music, so either you download or stream, I get my money.”

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