Phaize Gives Clue On What May Have Delayed The Rise Of Music and Artistes In Kumasi

Unity has been a very crucial key in building up anything, thus it has succeeded in playing a solid and concrete role in some parts of the Ghanaian music industry.

Taking a look at the early music life of some popular musicians in the Country who are still making waves in the world, they commenced with Unity. The likes of Sarkodie, D-Cryme, Opanka, Stay-J, Yaa Pono and a host of them used to do Free Styles together, and they grew as such.

According to Kumerican rapper Phaize in a recent interview on Angel 102.9 FM, artistes in Kumasi may not have been seen massively in the limelight, due to how most of them were independently working, compared to artistes in Accra, who used to move together.

He said;

“During the early times, you will see Stay-J, Opanka, D-Cryme, Yaa Pono and a host of them in Sarkodie’s freestyle. Stay-J may not be my favorite artist because due to his presence in free style, he becomes my favorite too, making him recognized in the industry, but such a movement was not seen in Kumasi, making the artists independent.”

He further revealed that some artistes in Kumasi threw shots at Flowking Stone and Okyeame Kwame. These all were factors that failed to bring artistes in Kumasi together to form a great movement to push Ghana music forward, as compared to artistes in Accra, who built a solid movement.

Kumasi got it all, but unity made it look like there’s no talent there. If the current unified rise of artistes in Kumerica continue with such unity, their relevance with get to the peak and help push the Ghana Music Industry forward.

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