“‘Things Are Not Going On Well In Ghana” – Kwaw Kesse Addresses the State Of Ghana’s Economy


Rapper, Kwaw Kesse has addressed the state of Ghana’s economy, saying that things are not going on well.

The rapper had earlier on Father’s told the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo that only members in his party are not complaining under his Government.

Addressing the economy in a video which he posted on his Instagram page, he expressed worries over the rampant killings and increase in petrol prices.

”Right now, you can all see that things are not going on well in Ghana. Everything is not going on well, and innocent people are being killed and all that. I am going to urinate. By the time I come back, fuel prices would increase. That is all they know.” He said in his local dialect.

Kwaw Kesse further added;

”We deserve better. Ghanaians deserve better. Ghana deserves better than what is going on right now. If you decide to speak up, you will talk forever because you will not understand what is happening. The things happening is incomprehensible. Enkoyie Nation”


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