We Have A Mechanism That Monitors Revenue Streams Of Musicians – Project Manager At SACEM


According to M. Akotchaye Okio who happens to be the international project manager of Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music, SACEM they have a transparent mechanism that helps musicians and other content creators to monitor the revenue they are making from streaming their contents where ever they are.


He told Kobby Kyei News in the ongoing Journalists and Bloggers Conference in France that, SACEM helps to give detailed understanding of revenue streams to people who registers with them.

He said;

“We have put in place a very transparent platform so you can really monitor your monies. When you are a member, you have access to your personal online account and with this, you can really see what is going on. So when you get some money, you will clearly know where it came from. So, on radio and television, it will help track the number of times you can really know. It’s a very detailed understanding that you can have on your revenue streams.”

Okio further added that, they help to chase missing monies on behalf of their members.

He said;

“We also have specific departments dedicated to claims so in case of any missing money, they can chase it on your behalf.”

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