Without Proper Documentation Between An Artiste And A Record Label, There Will Be Chaos – Samini


Emmanuel Andrews Sammini known by his stage name Samini has been one of Ghanaians popular reggae and dancehall recording artiste. Speaking recently on Fusion Xtra (Artist Vibe Africa) with Kobby Kyei, he brought to light what young and coming artists should do when big artists would want to sign them on their record label.

In the Ghanaian Music Industry apparently, some artistes signed on record labels end up in issues with big artistes, and the one to blame becomes the problem and due to this, artistes have started dragging their feet from being signed to a particular label.

According to the Wa native, the problem stems from improper documentations between artistes signed to a particular record label.

The High-Grade Family boss believes it’s his social responsibility to promote other musicians on his platform. He said;

“You see that’s why most artists are dragging their feet about engaging in such stuff. I have always seen it as a social responsibility on my part to put someone on my platform, tell everybody they are good, make sure I push them till the people like it, and then when it blows, this person can start earning for themselves and keep it moving.”

For Samini, he feels proud to have signed artists, worked with them and they have graduated doing what they are doing, and it’s because of the proper documentation that worked between them.

He said;

“But to have a proper record label, I experienced that. I have signed artists and we’ve worked and they have graduated and they are doing what they are doing. I am glad to have been able to represent and do my part of the contract and then they also did what they were meant to do. It was nice, but when you don’t have a document to back what you are about to do, that’s where there are problems because there is no spelt out rights and responsibilities, so where there are problems, we don’t know who is responsible.”

Samini therefore believes that proper documentations between artistes and the label they are signed to will be the best option. He said;

“So I would say that going forward, if a big artiste want to support you a young act coming up and they are doing whatever it takes to make sure that people know about you, that’s just they endorsing you, that’s giving you a shine on their platform, but if they say they want to sign you or start telling people you are their artiste or you are under their label, you should humbly request for a contract so you know what is in there and know what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do as against theirs. That is the only way there will be some sort of understanding in case there is any problem. Without a paper that spells out things to be done and things that are not supposed to be done, there will be chaos.”

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