First-Ever FMCG Summit in Africa Lands in Ghana to Redefine Face of Industry in Africa- The National FMCG Summit 2022

This premier gathering of companies, leaders, and experts in the consumables sector comes off this June 3rd in Accra; it will address modern discoveries and future trends in the sector through a variety of sessions and experiences.To climax this event, this summit will publicly recognize and celebrate outstanding FMCG brands, initiatives, individuals, and organizations.

Accra – March 25 2022 – The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Summit, Africa’s premier gathering of global leaders in the multitrillion-dollar FMCG economy, is taking place at the plush, 5-star Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra on the 3rd of June 2022. This event is set to bring together key players and delegates from the consumer packaged goods and business industry in Ghana, Africa, and the world under the theme: Codes of winning in the New Reality; Sustaining winning brands with the New consumer.

The institution and signing of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area agreement on March 21, 2018, and May 30, 2019 respectively; the rise in the adoption of digitalization and e-commerce; the increasing sophistication of consumers, and the ripples from pandemics and geopolitical crises all have diverse implications on the FMCG industry in Ghana and Africa that have not been given necessary considerations.

According to Global Ovations Ltd,CEO;Mr.Gideon Raji-The Organizers of the National FMCG Summit , The summit will draw from relevant findings from carefully curated studies, ideas from thoughtful and eminent professionals, and predictions derived from analysed data to highlight critical growth enablers and possible threats to the development and expansion of this industry that serves nearly everyone in the world. Discussions about the future of the industry and the collective functions of stakeholders in attempts to bring more satisfaction and delight among ever-learning retailers and consumers will be signature throughout the summit.

C-suite executives and leaders in the FMCG industry will be in attendant at this high-status gathering, in addition to the proposed Special Guest of Honour in the person of the Minister of Trade and Industry – Hon. Alan K. Kyeremanteng, Other Ministers of States, top multilateral trade and investment facilitators and regulators, the diplomatic corps, and the international and local media.To climax this event, this summit will publicly recognize and celebrate outstanding FMCG brands, initiatives, individuals, and organizations at the National FMCG Awards.

Four Transformative Summit Experiences

This all-relevant National FMCG Summit will deliver the following valuable experiences to delegates and participants:

Keynote Presentations & Panel Discussions
Perspective Sharing by Domain Experts, Industry & Thought Leaders
Research & Case Study Presentations
Maiden National FMCG Awards Gala

About the National FMCG Awards

The National FMCG Awards is a prestigious event that honours the best FMCG players in Ghana and of Ghanaian origin beyond our shores. The FMCG sector requires competitive advantage in areas such as packaging, branding, marketing, and distribution. With the acceleration of e-commerce and ever-changing consumer preferences, companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry are pushed to innovate and come up with strategies to attract and serve their customers. The National FMCG Awards aims at recognizing those who are able to leverage the current trends and are able to see more opportunities and continue to thrive amidst the challenging environment.

This event is produced by Global Ovations LTD. It will be held in the cosmopolitan city which hosts the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat, Accra- Labadi, and host impactful topics , Key industrial personalities, Quality entertainment and recognize the most qualified FMCG heroes,Brands, Organizations and initiatives.

For more information about sponsorship, participation, and summit activities, contact the organizers: Gideon on +233248565066/ Hyacinthe +233543078639 or email us at [email protected] .


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