Fixing The Country; Police Visibility Needs To Be Enhanced With Adequate Logistics And A Heart To Protect The People of Ghana

The government’s approach in dealing with criminal and security related issues in the past few years has been inactive, ineffectual and nothing out of the ordinary.

Providing security for the citizenry of every nation is an essential and a powerful tool that a country like Ghana can not ignore. Never! Failing to protect the citizens who put these leaders into power and equally pay them with their taxes can transform a peaceful country like Ghana into ‘hell’ – where the fire service department in Heaven can not even quench the fire it will bring.

The recent criminal related stories in the country is very disappointing, evil and shameful. From robbery attacks, killings, raping and car snatching. Particularly, the reports of armed robbers attacking mobile money vendors, shops, bullion vans and forex bureaus have become unchecked in recent times.

Naturally, some of these incidents are bound to happen. However, strategically, it can be controlled with an effective security measures as well as legal punishments to reduce these crimes.

The Ghana Police Service, been one of the paramount and professional security outfits in the country backed by law to protect its populace with a conscious approach to ‘serve with integrity’ have no excuse after more than 100 years to shy away from protecting the people of Ghana.

With a doubt, the recent criminal happenings in the country could have been reduced with an effective Police visibility in our societies.

The National Patrol Department (NPD) of the Ghana Police Service is responsible for the general supervision and coordination of Community Policing and Visibility Patrol in the country but it seems they’re asleep. Omo ada!

This department particularly is mandated to focus on building ties and working closely with members of the communities to detect and prevent crime in society. But are they working closely with members of the communities to detect and prevent crime in our societies?

Also, how often do we see our respected officers in our communities with the exception of election campaigns, rallies, and probably when a government official is ‘in town’ with an escort?

The same Ghana Police Service through its Visibility Patrol Unit is mandated to ensure that police are visible in strategic areas of communities in Ghana. It has become a norm for our officers to be visible only in the night to stop vehicles on some parts of our roads to improperly check travelers and sometimes unconstitutionally demand money from drivers.

It’s high time our Police force becomes visible and responsible in our communities. It shouldn’t even be merely visibility or simply being seen, but rather about being professional and proactive in their line of duty to protect its people. The belief that the police is our friend must be seen practically with professionalism and with a heart to protect the people of Ghana. Enough of the several reports that police officers are always brutalising citizens. Civilians must be treated fairly by the police.

The government’s approach in dealing with criminal and security related issues in the past few years has been inactive, ineffectual and nothing out of the ordinary. I will be happy to know the number of criminal cases that have been fully reviewed legally for justice to prevail concerning the parties involved and the period – days, months or years it took to happen. Because it is sad and disheartening to know that about 80% of murder cases recorded between 2000 and 2021 have remained unresolved as revealed by renowned Ghanaian criminologist and crime researcher, Dr Jones Opoku-Ware.

The government has a major role in ensuring the safety of its people as I indicated earlier. Enough of the political blame games. The current reputation of the Ghana Police Service is not good looking. The entire nation and its security agencies are all defenceless.

Seriously, the government has to collaborate with all our security agencies specifically the Ghana Police Service in this state to come up with strategic, intelligent, modern and efficient ways of minimizing illegalities in the country. Likewise, the necessary information, data and logistics to investigate some of these cases has to be provided to the Ghana Police Service.

Ultimately, I strongly believe that the visibility of the Police in our communities – thus been visible on the streets regularly, patrolling at the various hotspots in the country, putting and equipping the police with tents in strategic areas, providing them with the requisite logistics to work and ensuring that they’ve a proper structure to reward them diligently for their work will definitely encourage our Police force to act professionally.

In the long run, this will help in reducing criminal related problems in the country which will be the joy of many of Ghanaians.

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