#FixTheCountryGhana: A Disturbed Ghanaian Intellect Writes Profoundly To Kobby Kyei

The call to the Ghanaian youth to arise for the nation is now.

Dear Kobby Kyei,My name is Kojo; Kojo because I was born on a Monday in Obawale in the Eatern region of Ghana.

You are Kobby because I assume you were born on a Tuesday and since Tuesday succeeds Monday the value chain is clearly established regarding this write-up.

The author’s (Kojo) work can never be fulfilled unless there is a publisher (Kobby), this is how nation building must work and for that matter the building of Ghana. Kobby, because “Kyei” your surname also starts with a K, I would henceforth refer to you as KK in my epistles.

KK, this being my maiden epistle, I deem it proper to acknowledge this style of organizing and presenting my thoughts was influenced by a column in the “Daily Graphic” I use to read titled “Letter to Jomo” authored by George Sydney Abugri. I appreciate his impact and inspiration.

KK, 1988 is more fresh in my memory these days than ever, stepping into class one as a 5-year old in an ignorant bliss situation, the head teacher of my first school, Obawale Methodist Primary, Master Dossu as we called him managed to catch my attention with this World Cup Final attitude when leading the pupils to sing “Arise Ghana Youth for your couuuuuntry” patriotic song. KK, the seriousness with which Master Dossu led us to sing this song then was so profound that any mountain or hill that stood between us and a passionate performance was brought low, in fact rough rugged grounds were made plain.

Master Dossu would usually start by humming the tune to the song in the 6th solfa;
“la-la la-la la la-la laaaa la” and with a matching tempo from the sound he produced with the cane he beat the table before him with. KK, this was a serious business and before I forget, another purpose of cane in master Dossu’s hand was to deal with any pupil observed not to be taking the Arise Ghana Youth performance serious. Master Dossu wouldn’t wait for the performance to end before executing this judgement, he would walk straight to the deviant pupil and your two sharp strokes to your head shall not be lost.

The seriousness that a victim pupil attached to the performance thereafter is worth of note, you would never be the same KK.

KK, it is important to state that the alacrity with which master Dossu executed his judgement made it impossible for any other pupil to even take note of the victim’s identity unless one desired being the next victim, there was no room for observation, focus was 100% not to mention that the cane was so short and well-muscled that all one could hear was the ko-kom sound when it landed on a victim’s head. “Leadership in action, the Master Dossu approach to performance management” wouldn’t be a bad title KK.

KK, this is not a made up story, sadly I left Obawale in 1990 so I lost touch completely but I remember Master Dossu was also a catechist with the Obawale Methodist Church, I appreciate him more wherever he is right now.

KK, in light of recent discussions in our beloved country, Ghana, the motion for the debate is well set-out as to whether our nation building efforts should be centered on leadership approach (#FixTheCountry) or citizenry approach (#FixYourMindset).

KK, it appears the usual “talk talk, no or little action” might win this context too, as always. Let me make things more simple with these basic clarifications in the attempt to contribute towards the translation of the talk to action; a nation is a body of people (citizens) united by a common (ideology) inhabiting in specified geographical area with a name, Ghana is the name in this case. A nation without people or citizens is thus no nation, agreed KK?

A nation can thus be likened to a vehicle, be it by road, air, water, or even space, all vehicle be vehicle.
The vehicle Ghana needs people to occupy it, over 30 million of us as we are made to believe are already in it. It is needless to state that, most of us the occupants found ourselves in this vehicle because our parents were in it and produced us so we naturally joined the vehicle Ghana.

The occupants are the citizens of Ghana, fellow Ghanaians or my brothers and sisters or even comrades, thank you for allowing me into your homes! KK, be minded that homes include streets, lorry parks, kiosks, to the luxurious properties in East Legon and other places.

The vehicle cannot move on its own unless activated by one of the occupants. The vehicle needs a driver, pilot, captain or whatever; let’s call it a leader KK.

The vehicle needs to move because the occupants are not pleased with the impact the current location is having on majority of them hence the need to move to a more desirable location within a certain time period.

Each of the over 30 million occupants left on their own would use different routes towards the desired destination (citizens well-being); the justification for a leader to avoid confusion and enable progress.
The leader who represents the vehicle or nation is empowered with a resource that makes it so powerful and capable of doing anything that would improve the situations of its occupants. KK, I need not add that the power given the nation can also be used to worsen the situation of its occupants, that’s how powerful the nation is.

KK, I was privileged to study the subject Government in secondary school (forget whatever they call it now, it’s the same). And one of the interesting topics was the sovereignty of the nation.

We concluded that the only thing a sovereign nation is incapable of doing dabbling in the supernatural. That is how powerful the nation is, and this power how has been vested in leadership. The power given to leadership of a nation enables it to make laws; to ensure these laws are obeyed by all occupants; and to ensure those occupants who fail to obey the laws are dealt with appropriately.

KK, we must not forget that all these must be done with the interests of the occupants in mind which is moving to a more desirable future state called citizens well-being!

KK, the unlimited power vested in the nation towards the well-being of its citizens includes creating and maintaining systems that are capable of rallying the citizens and all other occupants to willingly and unwillingly conform and reform to specific way of action and inaction. It is called systems – KK, the system in Ghana is not working, have never worked since I joined the vehicle Ghana.
The mindset of the occupants of the vehicle is driven by the nation (leadership) and it directly impacts on the well-being of majority of its occupants.

If majority of the occupants are satisfied with their well-being, we can comfortably conclude that their mindset have been positively influenced by leadership, that is to say leadership is effective forget about its efficiency KK. The reverse is true KK.

KK, the operating manual for leadership for the nation Ghana is currently the 1992 constitution and I honestly think it goes beyond mere coincidence that despite the different leaders we have had, the result always appears to be the same. It’s not the mindset of the people, it’s not the leaders, it is the constitution KK.

How do we fix it KK, is it leadership? Certainly not, anyone in leadership now is a beneficiary of the ills or loopholes in the 1992 constitution. KK, I bet you, at least 99% of the occupants would do same if not worse should the leadership mantle present itself under the current situation.

The call to the Ghanaian youth to arise for the nation is now. It starts by educating ourselves with the best standards, informed by our aspirations and calling for the appropriate reforms to be made (to the source of power to leadership), the constitution needs review and it must start now.

Calling for reforms would only yield better results for the occupants of the vehicle if clear objectives with intended results are set from the beginning. The Yellow Vests Movement (Mouvement des gilets jaunes) in France is a good example worth emulating KK.

Arise Ghana Youth Movement perhaps, I am only thinking aloud KK!

KK, I believe I have succeeded in either convincing or confusing you, whichever the case maybe I have at least got you humming the tune of;

Arise Ghana Youth for your Country

The Nation demand your devotion

Let us all unite to uphold her

And make her great and strong

We are all, involved (3x)

In building Our motherland

It’s our patriotic duty KK!

It’s me, Kojo.

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