“GHAMRO Must Be Dissolved” – Keche Fumes

For those who are oblivious of the music organization that safeguards and oversees most musical functions in the industry, here’s Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

Lately, for some reason, GHAMRO seems to find its way in the bad mouths of many. And Keche, having been under their auspices for sometime, also had a word or two to spew against them.

According to the music duo, the music body had failed to imburse their cuts made from their hit song “Aluguitugui”. Sadly enough, this is not the first time they’d encountered disappointment from them.

Apparently, other musicians had also suffered similar fates and worse. It’s not been easy keeping up with GHAMRO’s disappointment thus the outburst of dissatisfaction.

Andrew of Keche even mentioned that GHAMRO should be dissolved because their failure to deliver as expected or promised has somewhat, painted their reputation with disappointment; which is now known to many.

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