Ghanaian singer Araya Afrika catches the eye of Grammy Awards host & musical goddess Alicia keys.

Ghana’s soul and afro ballet dancer ”Araya Afrika” who recently starred in Sarkodie’s Rush Hour video has become the celebrated Ghanaian icon over the weekends for earning an enviable spot on the social platforms of global music goddess and host of the “2019” Grammy’s Alicia keys.

Alicia keys in commemoration of the International Women’s Day idolizes “Araya Afrika’s image as that which represents ” powerful and strong black women from her origin.This inspirational pictorial message got the world and her millions of followers across wowed and marvelled over the beauty of “Araya Afrika’s Ghanaian image and how it’s worth the compliment from from the global superstar .

The news got Ghanaians and social media excited making the songstress the current household name registered the lips of Ghana music industry players and we wish to congratulate ” Araya Afrika” for making Ghana proud. 

Want to know more about “Araya?? Follow her!Twitter/ Instagram @Araya_Afrika.

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