Ghanaians Are The Reason Why The Cedi Keeps Depreciating – KSM

Ghanaians Are The Reason Why The Cedi Keeps Depreciating – KSM

Ghana’s cedi in the past years has been in free fall when competing against major world currencies.

Since the re-denomination of the cedi in 2007, it has kept depreciating from government to government and there seems to be no signs of its abating.

Be it against the dollar, the pound or the euro, the Cedi rates keeps running and running in a typical Usain Bolt fashion and this is affecting a lot of businesses especially importers and the economy as a whole.

Where as our two major political parties have kept pointing accusing fingers at each other for this worrying trend, Godfather of GH comedy, Kwaku Sintim Misa believes strongly that we are all complicit in the predicaments of the cedi.

He took to twitter to share his sentiments. “GH Hotels quote rates in $, landlords quote in $, the Ports quote in $, even many gov’t outfits quote in $, We then turn around and wonder why the Cedi is falling? I can’t think far” 😳😳, the “old man” stated.

Whichever way you see it, this seems to be a bitter truth that we can all attest to but will this change? Maybe it’s time we tell the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Arts to add #quoteghanacedis to their see, wear and eat Ghana campaign.

But do you agree with KSM? Let us know your views in the comments box.

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