“Give a proper presentation of your own people, Don’t run them down” – Top Nigerian comedian to Ghanaian media.

One of Nigeria’s topmost comedians, Senator, has urged the Ghanaian media to churn out more positive stories about Ghanaian comedians to the outside world and this will enhance the image and change the perceptions people have about the country and Africa in general when it comes to comedy and showbiz as a whole. Senator, who is in town for event factory’s Easter Comedy Show 2019 said this in an interview during a media interaction at the Accra City Hotel which took place yesterday, 19th April 2019.

Sharing an experience in the US, the comedian detailed how the CNN was selective of the content they air in the US as against the ones he had seen in his native Nigeria. “I used to stay in the US for a period when my son was given birth to and I discovered that the CNN there is not the same as the CNN we have in Nigeria. That means that they hide their secrets. They give you the best of what they want you to see”, he revealed.

In an advice, he went on to admonish the media not to wash their dirty linen in public and “run their own people down”. “So in the media, you need to give a proper presentation or an ideal presentation of your own people. If you run your own people down, trust me, that’s how the world will run you down, he posited.

Senator’s comments seems to have come at the right time as we’ve seen in recent times how DKB and other comedians have suffered in the hands of some sects of the media who choose to project their bad days on stage whiles ignoring the days they’ve had their A-game on.

We hope the Ghanaian media will take a cue from Senator’s comments and begin to fly the news of Ghana Comedy on the wings of positivity.

Source : KobbyKyeiNews.Com


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