Hermes Becomes Second BBNaija Level Up Head Of House

The first Monday in August saw Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates play their second Head of House challenge.

Before starting the game, Big Brother welcomed the new housemates, Deji and Modella, to the house and their first Head of House game. As incumbent head of house, Eloswag had to sit out tonight’s games. The house newbies, Deji and Modella, were also not allowed to play.

Like last week’s HoH game, all level 1 and 2 housemates participated simultaneously. Each tried to outperform the other because of Biggie’s mouth-watering reward. The privileges gained for becoming the Head of House include immunity from this week’s possible eviction, immunity for their level and the sole power to nominate housemates for possible eviction.

As determined by Biggie, the housemate with the worst performance will be given the title ‘Tail of House’ title and special punishment. ChiChi received the highly-avoided title alongside Dotun. Big Brother noted that Dotun received the title because he mishandled his microphone during the second round of the games. Both of them will receive their punishment later.

For the first challenge, Biggie filled 23 bowls with oil and soaked ten wristwatches set at the same time in it. He then asked the housemates to put the wristwatch to four o’clock. Once a watch has been set to the correct time, place it on the stool next to the bowl. The housemates only had 5 minutes to perfectly align as many wristwatches as possible. Five housemates with the quickest time completing the challenge proceeded to the next round.

At the end of the first game, Biggie called out Chomzy and Khalid for failing to adhere to the game’s rules. While Chomzy and Khalid finished the challenge the quickest, some of their wristwatches failed to tell the time correctly. Their punishment was automatic disqualification from the next round.

Dotun, Cyph, and Hermes qualified for the next challenge. The three had to take plastic balls from one end of the arena to the other, using only their knees. They could only use their hands to place the balls between their knees at the start line and remove them at the finish line. They had to start again if their balls fell between the start and finish line. The challenge ran for five minutes, and Hermes won the coveted title of Head of House after successfully moving the most balls.

Similar to last week, Biggie reinforced that only the HoH has the power to nominate. The rest of the housemates may suggest or advise on whom to nominate, but the HoH is not allowed to say the names of the five people he chose.

After the 30 minutes Big Brother gave Hermes to carefully consider who to nominate, he put  Amaka, Christy O, Cyph, Khalid, and Phyna up for possible eviction this Sunday.

Now it is up to the fans and audience to keep their fave in the house. Voting is now officially open on the Africa Magic website, mobile site and via the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps and will close Thursday at 9 pm WAT.

BBNaija Season 7 is headline sponsored by Pocket by Piggyvest (formerly Abeg) and associate sponsored by Flutterwave.


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