Hitting the streets aren’t enough! If the government won’t listen to us, what next? – Rapper, Ayesem asks

The issue of the three (3) kidnapped Takoradi girls has got the whole people of Western region and Ghana to think twice about the state of security especially under this government. Almost a year after the first girl was kidnapped, the police has not said anything of note with the CID boss causing total confusion and doing much more emotional damage to the families of these girls with her unfortunate public utterances.

Though the police and the government claim they’re doing their best to rescue the girls but rapper and native of Takoradi, Ayesem believes their best is not enough. In a series of post we chanced on on his Facebook timeline, Stephen Siaw as called in real life questions the integrity and ability of the police as he bemoans the state of insecurity that now plaques the once safe land of Takoradi and its environs.

With the people of Takoradi embarking on a series of demonstrations to register their displeasure at how slow the police are dealing with the issue, Ayesem thinks it’s high time they took bolder decisions and became more angrier by looking for alternative ways of getting their calls to the government because hitting the streets seems not to be getting the needed attention. In one of his posts the “Koti” hitmaker wrote, “Hitting the streets aren’t enough! Takoradi aren’t angry enough! If the government won’t listen to us, what next?”

Our advise is that, the celebrities from Western region should come together and lead the charge. The musicians among them should do a song to make the message louder to the government. Until then, the campaign still continues with, #BringBackOurTaadiGirls. Let’s all come together and help rescue our girls for families are suffering.

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