I will not record any song for the missing Taadi girls but I’m ready to support any movement to help rescue them – Kofi Kinaata

The issue of the missing Taadi girls is one that stirs up emotions and touches a lot of nerves whenever it is mentioned. It’s been almost a year since the first girl was kidnapped and so far nothing concrete has been said to bring any hope of finding them.

With calls for more action becoming louder by the day, Ghanaian singer and rapper, Kofi Kinaata has pledged his unflinching support to any movement geared towards bringing back the Taadi girls.

When asked if he would record any song to put more pressure on authorities to help find the girls during an interview on Zylofon FM, the “Fanti Rap God” answered that the issue of the Taadi girls moves beyond music though it can help in making the message louder but looking at the lax approach towards the issue, it will now require “force” to get the results we seek.

“It is not about music. This case is very serious. They will even dance to the music when I do it and we won’t see anything. Demonstrations have been staged yet we don’t have results. I don’t know if Takoradi is not part of Ghana anymore or what”, Kinaata said.

He went on to mention that it’s time they took the campaign to another level. In a submission as to what the next step he will take is, the confession hitmaker said, “Personally, I’ve done the best I can do. On social media, during interviews, I have spoken to the family as well, all in a bid to help rescue our sisters. I think it’s time to apply force and I am ready to support that”.

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  1. Hmmmm

    One of the greatest movement could be a song to reach the ordinary Ghanaians and to the top people example, Our president.

    Though he has his own reason which we cannot force him to do what we expect.

    We need them to help the society to be rescued from such problems through their gift.

    And he can also start and movement and expect others to follow

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