I’m Not All About Comedy – Kalybos

Ghanaian comedian and actor Richard Asante popularly known as Kalybos has refuted claims that the only role he can play very well in acting is comedy.

Kalybos, who brands himself as the only boss with one “s”, admitted that though comedy has brought him thus far in the industry, he was dynamic and flexible enough to act any role assigned to him and this he said has been evident in some movies he has acted like “A New Flame” which stars singer, Adina. To him, it is important to get your strength as a an actress or actor but you must be an around player so to stay relevant and last longer in the market.

He is on a media tour with fellow actors and actresses to promote the latest movie to hit our TV screens, Away Bus. On the promotion of movies, he was of the view that it is the responsibility of the cast as it is that of the producers to sell the movies to the audience. “If you won’t promote your movie, who should do that for you”, a serious Kalybos rhetorically asked.

Kalybos’ rise to prominence in the movie scenes owes much to CEO of Kofas Media, Kofi Asamoah who brought him into the limelight through his “Boys Kasa” and “Adventures of Kalybos” comic skits. He has gone on to star in movies like Kalybos in China, Amakye and Dede, A New Flame, and the latest yet to be screened, Away Bus.

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