Its sad to know that many at times we honor ourselves with mediocrity. We don’t aspire and inspire. We always say you’ve done well with your attempt to try but not say Hey Go for the ultimate.

I look at the situation for our industry and I feel sad for my children thinking nothing will go right in our country and to slim it down to the industry.

Let’s me just go straight to the upcoming music awards so I don’t sound boring.
First of all we’ve not grown as an industry. We do things in a way we think works but not the right way.

Ghana Music Awards is tomorrow and work is still ongoing at the site of the event. The venue is clearly not ready and this I can assure you will translate to the event on the very D-day.

After the 2018 awards it was clear that there will be 2019 which is very significant on the calendar because it’s the 20 year anniversary. But what do we see,:

THE VENUE: The venue for the event started it work to clear the grounds for a major event 7 days ago. The venue is still being worked on, a day before the main event takes place. Concrete work, excavation, electrical, fixing of lighting, air conditioning etc.

Notwithstanding, work started and it’s going on in an appreciable pace but why didn’t it start early? Why are we casting concrete a day before the event? What kind of finishing do we want to see?

Some venues outside this country starts setup 2weeks before the event. Possible do 3 days of soundcheck before the main event. Why do we wait till last minute for us to rush things?

Below are my few observations as I passed by the venue to see progress of work….

SECURITY: There was no security at the venue of work, meaning anyone can walk in and walk out of the grounds without any scrutiny or questions which places the whole security of the event at risk. People can steal from the grounds and there ‘ll can’t be traced.

IDENTIFICATION: This brings us back to the issue of  security. Who is who at the space of work? There are sound crew, lighting crew, AV, staging, rigging, logistics, chairs, electricians etc. Who is responsible for accreditation or tagging? Who does what and who is not suppose to be at the venue?
We’ve failed in every aspect as event experts.

SAFETY : There is a tent been mounted for a major event and there is no certified safety officials checking the safety of the structure
and any other structure as a whole.
This is a major situation we overlook in all our events in the country and let’s not wait for something major to happen and now we blame someone.

PARAMEDICS: Fixing a structure of such magnitude and working with humans in such an environment requires strict measure. No venue will be cleared to work if they omit medical team from their plan of structure development. There was not medical center, no Ambulance, not even a nurse or a doctor on site in case of any emergency. Why? Don’t we have rules that works?

REHEARSAL: There’s always a need to practice and rehearse for an event. But this 20years does not look any different from any other years of ‘quick action’ delivery. Am not sure there ‘ll be a proper rehearsal day set aside to do correction, changes, delivery notes etc. We ‘ve failed once again.

MC.: It’s just a day to the event and we are not certain on the MCs of the night. Is it Kwame Sefa Kayi, KoD, Berla Mundi , Dj Black?  At least we know Sika Osei and Giovani Caleb are for the red carpet but why can’t we settle on the drivers for the main event. I’m sure with this situation, even scripting for the MCs will get to them the day of the event or few hours to the event.

I wish to delve into many departments of the event but will just leave it here. I cannot write on stage design , lighting, sound, screens, accreditation and other issues because I’ve not seen the outcome but I’ll surely give my opinion after the event is done.

This year is a 20th anniversary event and the direction shows the failure we have exhibited through out the years of the so called entertainment industry. There is nothing to show for it and nothing to be proud of.

Let’s Build a better Future for our children.

Writer : A Concerned Observer.


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