Kobby Kyei News Named Amongst Top 100 Most Influential Social Impact Companies

Highly-acclaimed Ghanaian blogging and philanthropic platform Kobby  Kyei News has been named amongst the 100 most influential social impact companies by the Humanitarian Awards Global in their latest annual ranking.

In the revered ranking list published by the  Humanitarian Awards Global, Kobby  Kyei News, headed by celebrated blogger Kobby Kyei was listed due to his impactful endeavors with his ‘Go There With Kobby Kyei’ philanthropic series.

This list was published to highlight the remarkable exploits of businesses contributing immensely to the development of Ghana in diverse ways and in the midsts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The COVID -19 pandemic since its outbreak has caused so much harm and destruction to individuals, organizations, the country, and the world as a whole since it has become a global pandemic. The pandemic has had devastating economic and humanitarian effects on Ghana.

In spite of this setback, Kobby Kyei went all out with his team to highlight the plight of some individuals suffering in remote areas of the country.

To support Ghana’s COVID-19 response, to ensure that the poor and the marginalized receive their needs, many companies were seen supporting the needy and government to help mitigate the impact of the virus as well as its medium-term socio-economic consequences.

Throughout the pandemic period blogger and philanthropist, Kobby Kyei was spotted in a lot of philanthropic work which includes donating books to the Salvation Army school when he paid a visit to his hometown Agona Duakwa in October. He also donated wheelchairs to some disabled persons, amongst many other feats.

The ranking features local & foreign companies based in Ghana selected from across key sectors of Ghana’s economy. It highlights their activities across health, education, agriculture, sanitation, women empowerment, media, and a host of others that have well-impacted society.

The purpose of this well-researched list is to celebrate and recognize these prominent organizations.

The research was inspired by the level of investment and commitments corporate bodies have attached to their social responsibilities and to support Ghana in the era of Covid-19.

Humanitarian Awards Global aims at identifying, recognizing, celebrating, and awarding companies, extraordinary individuals, NGOs, and groups who are positively impacting the lives of people, society, and nature at large.

On the selection of the top-ranked companies, the criteria for the ranking also requires the initiatives of these corporate bodies to align with the UN’s SDGs coupled with public evidence of impact.

Social Impact initiatives must be innovative and exhibit the ambition of change. Social Impact initiatives must be sustainable and still underway and not just a one-time support to humanity and to qualify, the Company must be a for-profit company or social enterprise.

Below is an alphabetical arrangement of the list of the 2020-2021 Humanitarian Awards Global Most Influential Social Impact Companies in Ghana.

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Source: Kobbykyeinews.com/Bernice Mensah



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