KulaPerry to collaborate with executiveK Australia and Chix -n- Ribs

Celebrity stylist and CEO of kulaperryoutlook, Kula Perry over the years has risen to be the ultimate style partner in the Ghanaian fashion space. The owner of FEARNOMAN (FNM) clothing line has worked with almost every celebrity in Ghana you can think of and this is taking him to heights beyond the shores of Ghana.

With such unique brand positioning and attraction, KulaPerry is now to collaborate with executiveK Australia in the production of modern and advanced headphones as well as Chix -n- Ribs for the FNM culture meal, kulaburger, the latest burger in town.

These collaborations are for the purposes of allowing all parties involved to work in partnership to
promote and cross-sell products on different platforms regardless of the geographical
area to gain business exposure on respective
markets and not excluding joint activities such as trade fairs
and exhibitions. So the next time you hear about KulaPerry, don’t think just clothes, you can start thinking about headphones and burgers as well.

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