Leadership is Failing Us, Dumsor Must Stop Fast – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress turned movie producer, Yvonne Nelson, has launched a scatching criticism on the government on the suffering of the ordinary Ghanaian and the seeming coming back of what she calls “Dumsoration”.

The mother of one in a series of posts on her official twitter page expressed her sadness on the way people are suffering due to bad leadership and how “Dumsor” is slowly but surely finding its way back into our homes and offices.

In one of the post directed at the President, the “Heels and Sneakers” star wrote, “This #DUMSORATION MUST STOP FAST! @NAkufoAddo”.

A lot of Ghanaians has in the past few weeks been greeted with erratic power supply leading to a lot fears that load shedding (Dumsor) might probably have come back and it is time the government accepts it and give us a time table to help us plan our daily activities.

We must also remember that Yvonne Nelson and other celebraties organized the “Dumsor Must Stop” demonstration in somewhere 2014 under the previous administration when the “Dumsor” menace was at it’s peak powers.

Well, we live to see, maybe Yvonne has already constituted her planning committee for the organization of a part two of the “Dumsor Must Stop” demonstration.

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