Let’s All Come Together, “The Individuality Amongst Players” Is Affecting Our Music Industry – Trigmatic

Award winning Ghanaian rapper, Trigmatic has revealed that individuality amongst players, is what is confronting the music industry.

According to him, this issue tends to be his biggest challenge in the music industry.

He disclosed this in an interview with kobbykyeinews on Thursday, January 17.

During the interview, the rapper was asked, “What’s your Biggest challenge in Ghana’s Music Industry?”

He answered, “Whew! It will be the inability to embrace new sound. The lack of a joint agenda, the individuality amongst players, the winner take all attitude, most industry players not wanting to learn and the ones who know refusing to teach the rest”.

However, he also suggested how the problem can be solved.

“It’s all about setting a grand agenda that factors each one. That way we are not working with an individual mindset but universal one”, he added.

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